Driver Status Monitoring System MR830 is our STAR product, which is a standalone intelligent product that equipped with an upgraded core algorithm for image processing to achieve more accurate judgment and early warning. It integrates many advanced functions such as DSM (driver status monitoring, fatigue/distraction/driver abnormality/smoking…), GPS/Beidou positioning, TF card storage, driving recorder, etc.
It is suitable for customers who have their own MDVR /GPS tracker and platform and need to connect this device together. And also for those who do not have their own MDVR/GPS tracker but need a platform for fleet management like alarm information query and statistics, alarm picture and video viewing, remote real-time video monitoring, etc.
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● DrivER status monitoring ●

  • Fatigue Alarm

  • Yawning Alarm

  • Distraciton Alarm

  • Driver Abnormality Alarm

  • Smoking Alarm

  • Calling Alarm

  • Over Speed Alarm

  • Driver Change Alarm

  • Infrared Blocking Alarm

  • Camera Blocking Alarm

  • Camera Failure Alarm

  • Driver ID Identification

● Other Functions ●

  • GPS Positioning

  • Platform For Fleet Management (Optional)

● Other 4 Versions Of MR830 ●


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