MR910-D/MR920-D/MR930-D is an intelligent 4/8/12 channels Mobile DVR integrating with DSM (driver status monitoring, fatigue/distraction/driver abnormality/smoking alarm…), EDSM (no seat belt/hands off steering wheel/playing phone alarm), GPS/Beidou positioning, SD card/hard disk storage, 4G remote real-time video monitoring, CMS platform, etc.
It is suitable for customers who do not have their own MDVR/GPS tracker but need to monitor driver’s driving behavior (such as fatigue/distraction/smoking, etc.) to remind the drivers by voice alarm. Meanwhile, they also need a platform for fleet management like alarm information query and statistics, alarm picture and video viewing, remote real-time video monitoring, etc.
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● DrivER status monitoring ●

  • Fatigue Alarm

  • Yawning Alarm

  • Distraciton Alarm

  • Driver Abnormality Alarm

  • Smoking Alarm

  • Calling Alarm

  • Over Speed Alarm

  • No Mask Alarm

  • Infrared Blocking Alarm

  • Camera Blocking Alarm

  • Camera Failure Alarm

  • Driver ID Identification

● EDSM Functions (Optional) ●

  • No Seat Belt Alarm

  • Hands Off Steering Alarm

  • Playing Mobile Phone Alarm

● Other Functions ●

  • 4/8/12 Channels AHD Real-time Video Monitoring & Playback

  • Ai deep learning

  • GPS Positioning

  • Fleet Management Platform

  • Light Warning (Optional)

  • Vibrating Warning (Optional)

  • IP Voice Intercom (Optional)

  • Tire Pressure Sensor (Optional)

  • Fuel Level Sensor (Optional)

● Other Driver Status Monitoring System Products ●


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