Radar obstacle avoidance warning system R350 uses 77Ghz millimeter wave to detect objects, vehicles, pedestrians and other obstacles to send an early warning to reduce the risk of collision. The detection distance of R350 can be up to 40 meters, with three-level warning functions accompanied by different levels of sound and light alarm reminder. It can also be connected to the controller, automotive braking system or other equipment to realize automatic obstacle avoidance braking applications.
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● Main functions ●

  • Various kinds of obstacles can be detected (wall, shelves, people, vehicles and other objects)

  • 3 levels detection distance with different flashing light and sound

  • Detection range up to 40M

  • 77Ghz millimeter wave radar

  • Sound and light alarm with video monitoring

  • 1~4 radars can be chosen with one control box

  • Good anti-interference performance

  • Suitable for all kinds of weather and vehicles

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