We offer integrated solutions that combine innovative products and technical services for your fleet management operation needs. Our success is built on the many ways our people have worked in partnership with global distributors and customers to solve problems and deliver value.
  • mining fleet safety management solution

    Mining Safety

    Manage your machines.Manage your mine.Mining is a dangerous and challenging business. Making that environment as safe as possible while ensuring equipment is up to the task are major...

  • Tour Bus fleet safety management solution

    Tour Bus

    CareDrive, as a specialist in commercial vehicle safety management, provides its unique solutions based on the current challenges facing the tour bus/coach companies.

  • Bus fleet safety management solution


    In recent years, with the improvement of road environment and traffic laws, upgrading of the vehicle technology and equipment as well as the raise of driver safety awareness, the bus...

  • Cargo Logistics fleet safety management solution

    Cargo Logistics

    In peace with the economic development, the cargo transportation business of the logistics companies grow fast while transportation accidents also increase accordingly. Major causes ...

  • Construction fleet safety management solution


    CareDrive provides unique solutions for construction companies in vehicles tracking and fleet management based on the difficulties in the construction field.

  • Chain Supermarket fleet safety management solution

    Chain Supermarket

    A unified distribution is an important part of of the stores’ core competitiveness. Establishing a systematic, information-based, standardized, personalized and low-cost logistics...

  • Hazardous Chemical Transportation fleet safety management solution

    Hazardous Chemical Transportation

    Different from normal transportation accidents, hazardous chemical transportation accidents brings about more serious consequences, like burning, bombing, and leakage, leading to ...

  • Commercial Vehicle fleet safety management solution

    Commercial Vehicle

    Safety has always been one of the most valued issues by auto manufacturers in the world. With the advance of the science and technology, the auto manufacturers are not satisfied...

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