Proximity warning alert system UA350 uses patented wireless pulse technology to monitor the relative distance of micro tags in a range of tens of meters, with a precision of 10cm by fixing the CareDrive base station on a large factory vehicle. It judges the degree of danger according to the distance, making different levels of sound and light alarms to prevent and eliminate high-risk accidents effectively, such as vehicle collision and crushing worker.
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● Main functions ●

  • Vehicle - Worker Anti-collision Warning

  • Vehicle - Vehicle Anti-collisiton Warning

  • Corner Anti-collision Warning

  • Two Different Alarming Distance With Different Alarm Audio

  • Sound And Light Alarm To Remind Driver And Pedestrian

  • Tags Vibrate To Alert Pedestrians At The Same Time

  • Alarm-free Distance Can Be Set

  • 0-100 Meters Alarm Distance Can Be Set

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