Different from normal transportation accidents, hazardous chemical transportation accidents brings about more serious consequences, like burning, bombing, and leakage, leading to larger property loss, environmental pollution, ecological damage, human injuries and deaths etc; the transportation company’s reputation also get influenced.

Industry Analysis

When fuel tanker trucks printed with “No Smoking” “No Fireworks” “Explode” appear on the road, other vehicles and pedestrians always consciously haul off. Yes, that is the hazardous material transportation. Because of the special nature of the goods shipped, the entire industry has been marked with a "dangerous" label.

In China, more than 200 million tons of hazardous chemicals are transported every year. Among all, 80% are transported by road and 95% are long distance transports to a different place.

According to statistics data from China State Administration of Work Safety, 77% of hazardous chemical accidents happen in the transportation process, the death rate is up to 33%!

Different from normal transportation accidents, hazardous chemical transportation accidents brings about more serious consequences, like burning, bombing, and leakage, leading to larger property loss, environmental pollution, ecological damage, human injuries and deaths etc; the transportation company’s reputation also get influenced.

The nation has formulated a lot of laws and regulations for the transportation of hazardous chemicals. Despite that, accidents related to hazardous chemicals transportation still happen frequently, bringing large loss to the enterprise as well as the environment around. There are quite some reasons contributing to the accidents as follows:

The driver does not follow safe driving codes. Non-standard behaviors are often seen such as speeding, overloading, not keeping proper distance from other vehicles, changing lanes without turning signals, making calls when driving etc.  

Long distance driving easily forms driver fatigue and distraction, which makes the driver  depart the lane unconsciously or not able to perceive the front vehicle.

Overload will decrease vehicle’s braking ability and lead to accident. At the speed of 30km/h, the braking distance for vehicles over 3 tons will extend 0.5-1 meters by adding a weight of one ton.

The transportation vehicles are of big size, and other vehicles do not maintain safety distance with them.



In the management system for passengers and chemicals transportation, most vehicles are already installed with onboard systems such as video monitoring system, GPS positioning system, alarm system. However, these systems mostly have sole function and bad data transmission, belonging to a passive monitoring. In the face of an increasingly complex social environment and upgrading of the public safety standard management, we need a more intelligent and active monitor to assist the management department.

CareDrive, as a specialist in commercial fleet safety management, provides its unique solution according to the present situation of dangerous chemical transportation. The Driver Fatigue Monitor MR688 and Anti Collision Warning System AWS650, CareDrive’s independently developed driver assistance systems, can be integrated with Beidou Satellite Positioning Systems and vehicle monitoring system of dangerous chemical transportation companies. The systems issue early alarms to the drivers if a potential danger is identified. More importantly, CareDrive, from the point of management, pays attention to helping fleet managers implement effective measures and regulate driver behaviors based on the alarm data analysis. Only in this way can the transportation company fundamentally improve drivers’ safety awareness and reduce accidents and business cost.

Successful cases


Case Analysis:

XXX is an oil company possessing five oil service stations in Guangdong Province, China. It has about 1000 fuel tanker trucks in south China and everyday the trucks need to transport the oil products from the oil stations to several hundred places in different cities and counties in Guangdong. The tankers driving in accordance with the traffic standard and rules is too important for the company. If the tankers fail to deliver the oil to the destination in time, the company will suffer a hefty fine due to fuel cut in the oil station. Furthermore, if the tankers has a traffic accident on the road the company will suffer much more loss.

From 2016 the company started to install AWS650 and successfully integrated it into their GPS tracking and monitoring system.

Followings are conclusions after a two-month analysis on alarm data and video:  

In the forward collision warnings, 65% alarms are caused by other drivers who tried to cut in and 35% are due to the tanker getting too close to the front vehicles. The prompt warnings from AWS650 gets drivers to focus mind and slow down in time.

In lane departure warnings, the alarms produce mainly because of drivers changing the lane without turning signals. Except that some drivers depart the lane due to distraction or fatigue, some other drivers intentionally drive on the line of an open road, or drive at over-speed on the high way changing lanes without turning signals. All these behaviors would easily bring about serious collision accidents.  

After a detailed data analysis, the company has a clear understanding of drivers behaviors. The AWS650, in addition to making a timely warning of potential dangers, more importantly, has successfully increased the safety awareness of drivers and corrected their non-standard behaviors, resulting in an obviously reduced accidents.  

Most hazardous chemical transportation vehicles are very big and heavy. When an accident occurred, due to a lack of useful evidence to verify the party responsible, XXX company usually needed to paid a huge sum of compensation. Some even deliberately make an accident to cheat money. The video output function of AWS650 provides evidence for managers to study reasons and distinguish responsibility after an accident, which has helped to save a huge sum of money for the company.  

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