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Mining is a dangerous and challenging business. Making that environment as safe as possible while ensuring equipment is up to the task are major priorities in the field. Our solutions for mine infrastructure do just that.

Industry Analysis

With the development of the mining industry, there has been an annual growing in the exploitation of mineral resources and at the same time increasing problems emerge during mining, among which safety issue is the most prominent. So far mining mainly includes opencast mining and underground mining. It becomes a high-risk industry mostly due to following reasons:

1. Poor working conditions, complicated geography. The minerals are usually located in remote places with complex and rugged terrain. Once the driver becomes fatigued or distracted during the driving, the vehicle will easily turn over to the bottom of the mountain and it will cause casualties and vehicle damages.

2. Mechanical noise on the occasion easily gets the operator into a series of symptons such as headache, sleeplessness, nausea and non-concentration which may lead to an accident.

3. The large mineral equipment used to improve productivity is also a reason for the accident. The operator needs to regularly look around to check the surroundings around, but due to the huge machine, blind spots at the corners and dim light at the bottom, accident still has a high potential to happen. Once it happens, there will produce not only casualties to the people but also loss of the property.


4. Long working time and monotonous operation easily drive the operator to fatigue and lead to an operation accident.

Due to above reasons, all mining enterprises are facing a threat of high potential accidents that can bring great loss on the property, reduce enthusiasm of the employees and decrease the production efficiency. Therefore, every mining company is seeking for an effective fleet management solution to better understand the working conditions of the driver/operator as well as specific reasons contributing to the accident, and to finally reduce the accident rate.

CareDrive, as a specialist in commercial fleet safety management solution, comes up with its own unique solutions according to the real conditions of the mining and the machinery:

Solution A (Light Version)

Solution B (All-round Version)

Successful cases

Today there have been numerous mining companies around the world to adopt the vehicle management solutions of CareDrive. Such as: BHP; Anglo American; MMG; DeBeers Venetia Mine; DeBswana; Concor Mining; Tata Steel; Thriveni; Ultratech,; ACC; Ambuja and Balasore Alloys etc. Following is a typical one as an example.

Case example: AngloAmerican

Sine 2012, CareDrive Drive Fatigue Monitor MR688 has been successfully integrated into AngloAmercian’s fleet management system. Given the particularity of the working environment, we provide a solution to the problems of the dust and huge rumblings of the vehicles. Also signals output function allows the managers better know the driver’s driving behaviors and provide grounds for building a highly effective safety management system. Following are pictures to show how MR688 works for AngloAmerican.

MR688 installed on AngloAmerican’s mining machinery:

The software management system integrated with MR688:

Vehicle tracking and positioning:

Video output:


Following is the fatigue output data, the manager analyze the fatigue data during one period:

By the data received to analyze , manager know the frequent alarms during one period, which indicate the driver needs to stop working and take a break in the rest room.

Consolidated data:

The values that the solution brings to AngloAmerican:

1. The accident rate directly reduces 60% with the fatigue alarm in cab to remind the driver.

2. Based on the signal output, the managers well educate and remind the drivers at the critical moment and build an effective management system, which lead the  accident rate directly reduces 90% .

3. The mining productivity has been increased in result of a reduction of accidents

4. The company’s management cost involved in a third-party liability claim due to an accident has been directly cut down.

5. The drivers’ responsibility and sense of safety have been greatly improved through ground-based education and guidance.

6. About 20 million US dollars of annual property loss has been saved with this solution.

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