CareDrive, as a specialist in commercial vehicle safety management, provides its unique solutions based on the current challenges facing the tour bus/coach companies.

Industry Analysis

The coach industry today has been in a quick developing stage along with people’s increasing demands for transport and accelerated constructions of the expressways. The soaring number of the vehicles is impressive, but also brings various problems due to the backward management of the industry. Over speed, overloading, tailgating and traffic accidents caused by fatigue driving are unable to be eliminated; low operating efficiency, high administrative costs, scattered scheduling, waste of resources, all these issues have hindered the development of the coach industry.The coach administrators are faced with a series of challenges:

1. Where is the vehicle located? How is it going on with the driver? How is the road conditions?

2. How can they eliminate the potential hazards from the drivers such as driving against the prescribed routes, fatigue driving and illegal drivings like tailgating and making calls in driving?

3. How can they timely rescue the victims when the coach encounters an accident on the way?

4. How can they rapidly and effectively distinguish the responsibility after an accident?


These all above are problems preventing the further smooth progress of the coach industry and the administrators need to tackle with quickly. Simply depending on the traditional fixed-point checking cannot ensure the safety of the vehicles and people. Large number of passengers, lacking supervision staff, unfixed routes can be the obvious problems in reality. Therefore, for the coach companies, a complete solution integrated with accident prevention, real-time tracking and data analytic is of highly importance.

CareDrive, as a specialist in commercial fleet safety management solution, comes up with its own unique solutions according to the real conditions of the passenger transportation industry:

Solution A (Light Version)

Solution B (All-round Version)

Successful cases

Following is a solution CareDrive customized for XXX company.

XXX is a bus company in South Africa. Before applying our solution, each year the company suffer a loss of USD1210,000 from traffic accidents. From 2014, XXX started to integrate the Driver Fatigue Monitor MR688 and Anti Collision Warning System AWS650 into its MDVR system. Following are pictures to show how the systems work for XXX.

MR688 installed on XXX’s bus:

A screenshot showing a forward collision alarm in the software. Through the video the managers can clearly see the driving status and the road condition.

When AWS650 detects a too close distance with the vehicle ahead, it will alarm and output the alarm signals. Following is a data query within certain period.

When MR688 detect driver’s fatigue driving or distraction driving, output the data to the fleet management center, following is the history data checking:

Historical alarm photos query: with these photos, the managers can analyze the driving state, road conditions and reasons leading to an alarm. The analysis build reasonable grounds for educating the drivers and formulating mandatory rules, and helps quickly and effectively finding out the person in charge when an accident happens.

Compared to 2014, the solution brings great values to the company in 2015:

1. 90% accidents was reduced, which saved a loss of USD1,089,000.

2. 30% passengers were increased due to a reduction of accident rate.

3. 50% loss was reduced in the five accidents in 2015 due to a timely rescue measures adopted.

4. Evidences were provided for the traffic accident to effectively distinguish the responsibility with data analysis.

5. Drivers’ sense of belongings and happiness in the company are greatly enhanced.

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