CareDrive provides unique solutions for construction companies in vehicles tracking and fleet management based on the difficulties in the construction field.

Industry Analysis

In recent years, with the improvement of people's living standards, the demands for houses, tourist attractions, shopping malls and other constructions are also increasing.

For construction companies, how to improve the overall project efficiency largely depends on the work efficiency of construction workers and the performance of construction equipment such as truck cranes, excavators and the like. While the construction managers need to urgently solve the issue of improving the entire team’s work efficiency, they are faced with many challenges as follows in real work:

1. How to effectively dispatch the vehicles.

2. How to enhance the efficiency of the whole project and shorten the timescale.

3. How to make the schedule more effective and reasonable.

4.How to timely understand the real situation and offer an aid when the vehicle encounters an accident.

5.How to reduce site accidents resulting from fatigue, distraction or improper operation of the operator.

6. How to decrease accidents during the deployment when drivers perform illegal acts such as speeding, rear-ending.

7. How to quickly and effectively distinguish responsibility after an accident.



All these are problems disturbing the construction managers and need to be coped with as early as possible. Traditional management methods cannot any more satisfy managers’ requirements in protecting the safety of workers and improving the utilization of vehicles. So, a complete management solution integrated with prevention, real-time tracking and analysis counts a great deal for a construction company.  

CareDrive, as a specialist in commercial vehicle safety management, provides its unique solutions based on the current difficulties in the construction field. The Driver Fatigue Monitor MR688 and Anti Collision Warning System AWS650, CareDrive’s independently developed drive safety systems, can be integrated with the fleet management system of the construction companies. MR688 can identify if the driver becomes fatigued or distracted through detecting the driver’s pupil, while AWS650 can judge if the driver is in danger by calculating and analyzing the distance with the vehicle ahead and the road lanes. When identifying the drivers are in danger, the systems will trigger alerts to the drivers to avoid an accident. At the same time they will deliver the alarm signals, images, video and other data such as driving speed and the location to the fleet management center. With these information the managers can analyze and better understand the mental state and behaviors of the driver so they make a schedule more reasonably to enhance the overall efficiency; also the data provide managers with evidences to quickly distinguish responsibility in case of an accident.

Following is a solution CareDrive provides to the construction industry.


Admin page (including video real-time output and vehicle positioning): When MR688 detects the driver fatigued or distracted in driving, it will timely issue vocal alerts to remind the driver and at the same time deliver video to the fleet management center. When AWS650 identifies there is a potential danger of forward collision or lane departure, it will also immediately respond to alarm the driver and send video to the fleet control center. At the admin page, the managers will get to know the mental state of the drivers, vehicle positions, speed, vehicle distances and road conditions in the front. (Following is a screen shot of the admin page.)

Also, through the data reports, managers are able to master the situation of the whole fleet, arrange a better work schedule and set more reasonable rules.

A report output:



The solution has brought benefits to the construction company but not confined to the followings:

1,The video output enables the managers to understand the driver behaviors and the company selects highly qualified drivers with full grounds.

2,The in-cab alarms that work to remind the drivers has successfully helped to avoid the accidents and reduce huge loss of the company.

3,The vehicle tracking and positioning function on the backstage allows the managers to take actions in time when an accidents occurs, which has decreased casualties and property loss of the company to the maximum.

4,The vehicle specific location function has maximized the efficiency in dispatching vehicles and utilization of the vehicles. The fleets work efficiency has been enhanced greatly and the timescale for a project has been shorten.

5,The video output provides full evidence for quickly and effectively distinguishing a responsibility in an accident.   

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