Mobile DVR (3G, GPS, Wifi) operated with CMS (central monitoring software) is used to realize fleet management online and achieve a full range of vehicles and drivers monitoring function, such as real-time video and audio monitoring, GPS positioning, vehicle tracking, voice intercom, vehicle alarms, driving route record, etc. 

  • Functionality & Features
  • MDVR Terminal Device
  • Central Monitoring Software(CMS)

1. DC8V~36V wide voltage design, suits for all vehicles

2. ACC on/off, Time on/off, Hard Disk Lock on/off

3. Supports multiple languages

4. Manual/ time/ alarm/ loop recording

5. GPS positioning, remotely monitor and positioning vehicle through 3G and WIFI network

6. Supports double streams technology, large stream realizes terminal local video recording, small stream realizes networked real-time preview

7. 4 channels video and audio monitoring, 1 channel video output, 1 channel audio output

8. Multiple vehicle information collection interfaces and alarm input and output interfaces

9. Upgrade firmware program by SD card or WIFI network

10. Built-in acceleration sensor realizes hard break alert warning and video recording

11. Supports two way voice communication (special version)

12. Supports 1pc SD card up to 128G storage, fulfill long time video recording demand

13. Supports various warning mechanism, such as motion detection, external alarm input, etc., and provides alarm linkage function

14. With button battery to keep the clock chip working to ensure the accuracy of time when power is off

15. Graphical user interface (GUI), infrared remote control operation

16. Can connect with Driver Fatigue Monitor MR688 professional version and Anti Collision Warning System AWS650 professional version

17. Has PC Client, Mobile Phone Client, Website Client. Supports PC playback software

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