• How to Avoid Collisions When Dr

    Driving a vehicle can be as safe or as dangerous as you allow. The majority of car accidents are caused because drivers are either not p

  • How Can Trucks Drive Safely On

    Driving on the highway at night can be very dangerous if you are not aware of the rules and not familiar with the road situations.

  • 5 Tips for New Truck Drivers

    Compared to passenger cars, trucks are replaced at a faster rate. But many drivers are still not aware of how to drive a new truck to ex

A driver distracted driving caused traffic accident

On the evening of June 23, 2018, around 7 pm, a three-car rear-end traffic accident occurred near the Long Lake Good City on Xishuang Avenue in the university town of Shapingba District, Chongqing City, resulting in varying degrees of vehicle damage a

The Risks of Distracted Driving

Why is Distracted Driving a Problem? Distractions take a motorists attention off driving, which can make a driver miss critical events, objects, and cues or abandon control of a vehicle, all potentially leading to a crash. Distracted drivers put not

Tips for Preventing Distracted Driving

Although most distractions are avoidable, some distractions are impossible to completely prevent instead they must be managed. Driving requires your full attention. You can take charge of eliminating distractions to focus on the road ahead. Here are

Distracted Driving Laws

Whats AAAs Position on Distracted Driving Laws? Laws are a critical part of the traffic safety equation to address distracted driving, but not the only component. A comprehensive approach to addressing distracted driving includes not only laws but se

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Top Ten Driving Distractions Revealed

A survey conducted has revealed the ten biggest driving distractions on the road. While food and drinks remain the biggest distraction for motorists, technology is becoming an increasing presence in cars, with texting and even updating Facebook profi

Eating While Driving & The Top 10 Most Dangerous Foods

Eating while driving is the worst form ofdistracted drivingfor a driver! Yet a study of 1,000 drivers done by ExxonMobil found that over 70% of drivers admit to eating while behind the wheel and 83% drink beverages while they drive. A study done by t

Just Say No To Distracted Driving

When youre driving whether youre operating a small sports vehicle or a large SUV youre successfully operating a giant hunk of metal and machinery. Normally at high speeds. While you may think youre the best multitasker in the world and the best drive

That Call Or Text Can Wait

Our phones are awesome, and theyre only getting more awesome as the years go by, and this isnt something thats really being debated. However, as our phones turn more and more into tiny supercomputers kept in our pockets or purses, they also become mo

Distracted Driving And You | Video

No matter what vehicle you drive, it all comes down to the same scenario: What youre essentially doing is operating a large steel box full of complicated machinery at high speeds, and thinking that youre the best at driving. The problem with this scen

The Second Nature of Drivers: Distracted Driving

Distracted driving has slowly become second nature to drivers. Smartphones and voice-activated devices haveput drivers into habit ofmultitasking. With an all-in-one communications, entertainment, and information device at the palm of your hands, the

Technologies Solutions To Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is one of the main causes contributing to driving deaths. With the increased awareness of this fact, numerous individuals and softward companies are trying to battle the techno-driving war head on.And an ever increasing number ofdr

Driver Distraction: Put Down Your Mobile Phone

With everything from BlackBerrys to iPhones, it can be difficult to resist the urge to check your email and text while driving. But studies have shown that using your phone on the road can significantly increase your risk for an accident. On this pag

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