• How to Avoid Collisions When Dr

    Driving a vehicle can be as safe or as dangerous as you allow. The majority of car accidents are caused because drivers are either not p

  • How Can Trucks Drive Safely On

    Driving on the highway at night can be very dangerous if you are not aware of the rules and not familiar with the road situations.

  • 5 Tips for New Truck Drivers

    Compared to passenger cars, trucks are replaced at a faster rate. But many drivers are still not aware of how to drive a new truck to ex

GPS Fleet Management:How to Deal With Fleet Downtime Problem

Downtime can be very costly for fleet management. Every time one of your vehicles in the service bay is an hour when it could have been on the road making you money. As a fleet manager, the goal is to try to avoid downtime altogether. But as miles pi

The Development of GPS Technology In Vehicles Tracking

In 1978, the experimental Block-I GPS satellite was launched into spaceand turned out to be a successful test. By the end of 1985, 10 more Block-I satellites were launched to further validate the concept.On Jan. 17, 1994, the final of the first 24 sa

Will Fleet Managers Be Replaced By Telematics Technology?

With the increasing applications of telematics technology and solutions in commercial fleets, there are fear that the technology will take over the position of fleet managers.

Passive tracking or real-time tracking?

Speaking of GPS tracking system, it pops into our mind in many different brands, shapes and sizes. But from the perspective of function, there are mainly two types: passive and real-time tracking. The GPS satellite tracking system MRVL from CarDrive

What can GPS Technology do for your fleet?

Perhaps you are already familiar with the advantages of using GPS tracking devices on your fleet vehicles. But you still may not be utilizing GPS technology for vehicle fleets to its full functionality, so let’s look at the benefits

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