CareDrive In-Cab Speed Alert Devices


At 11:15 p.m. late Friday night, a speeding crash happened in the northbound lanes of I-225. A passenger in the speeding car was killed after the car slammed into a median and rolled several times. The name and gender of the crash victim has not been

A Chinese company has developed a system that lets drivers know when they're speeding and drowsy or distracted. When the technology becomes commercially available, it could help lead-footed drivers avoid tickets and also save lives.

The product, MR688, links real-time location data and speed obtained with the help of the Global Positioning System (GPS) to a database of posted speed limits stored in a driver's PDA or programmable mobile phone.This product has been expanding to different regions around the world.

The setup does not need to be hooked up to a car's speedometer. In fact, it is entirely portable. The built-in GPS module in MR688 can timely detect the driving speed. If a driver exceeds the speed limit, an alert sounds if the driver doesn't slow down and alarm signals can be delivered to the fleet control center through fleet management software.

A voice let's you now if you're approaching a school zone and the screen displays the current speed limit based on whether school is in session.

In the United States, almost half of all fatalities to seat-belt wearing drivers occur at impact speeds of 30 mph or less. Traveling at just 3 mph over the posted speed limit can double the risk of a fatal crash.

As a conservative estimate, some 10 percent of U.S. auto fatalities would be avoided if 20 percent of cars had intelligent speed alert. Fatalities would drop by more than 30 percent if everyone stuck to the posted speed limits.

Besides GPS Speed Limit Warning function, MR688 also has another main function of drowsy and distracted warning. This in-vehicle speed and drowsy warning system has significantly contributed to road safety.