driver fatigue monitor mr688

1. Is the infrared light harmful to my eyes and body?

No at all, the average light outlet power is less than 0.2W, and mostly died down when spreading in a 30°angle and meter distance, less than 1/10 of indoor nature light, just because the infrared light can’t been seen when mixed with other lights, you don’t aware the existing. And we also did the test by the SGS, it is approved no harm to the eyes or the body.

2. I’m worry about too much noisy alarms.

Don’t worry about this, the device has different sensitivities levels, each level it can quickly detect the real sleepy or absent minded condition, only the alarming time is different for looking around and normal eyes closing. If you don’t want them too much noisy alarms, you can set the sensitivity in lower level, if so, it will spend more time to trigger the alarm, nobody will do it so long when driving on the highway, you just need to set the sensitivity to the level which suitable for you.

3. If I must drive under fatigue status, is this unit useful?

Yes, some truck drivers always drive under fatigue status, some people used to dozy when driving in on the highway, or if you have sleepless night but must drive today. MR688 will detect the fatigue driving, giving out alarms in the instant of dozing off to wake you up. But we still suggest you don’t drive in fatigue status and have enough rest.

4. Is it difficult to install?

No, it’s very easy, just stick the main unit in front of the driver, and connect power from cigarette socket or vehicle power.

5. Can it connection to the vehicle power supply.

For our MR688 Commercial Professional Version and MR688 RS232 Version, the power supply is by 5pins or 4pins cable, it can directly connect to the vehicle power supply.

6. Will it influence my sight?Did I need to look at it?

No, it’s much smaller than a GPS navigator, and you don’t need to stare at it, just leave it alone after you have adjusted the angle toward your eyes.

7. Why the device don’t alarm when I closed my eyes?

Firstly, you need to make sure that the device is on the proper installation position, which means the led light is always green on.
Secondly, the device need to recognize the driver’s face in the first 10-20seconds after power on, it can’t be triggered in this period.
Thirdly, the MR688 has the alarm sensitivity, the default alarm sensitivity is 2-3seconds, it will alarm after 2-3seconds that you closed your eyes.

8. Why the device not as sensitive as the beginning?

The lens is dirty, please use cotton bud to clear it, if necessary, use some alcohol.

9. It just doesn’t work at all, what’s the problem?

The system require 12V power and instant electric current 100-200mA, please check your power supply, if the voltage is low, or electric current is not enough, the device may have green light on, but not alarm. It works with both 12V and 24V, fit for the gas car and diesel vehicle. It has good peak-voltage protection measures.

10. Is it workable if I wear the sunglasses:

It depends on the sunglasses types, please kindly check the following detail information
A. Color film mirror sunglasses, can detect, but not so accurate.
B. Silvery film mirror sunglasses, can not detect completely
C. Non-reflection light sunglasses (including black or tea color sunglasses), detection is ok, can detect
D. Polarized light sunglasses, can detect, but not so accurate.

11. Can the system integrate with the GPS tracking system, so I can see the detail information on the center in office?

Yes, for our MR688 professional version and MR688-RS232 version, you can integrate the MR688 with the GPS tracking system to output the fatigue/distraction signal, then the manager can know the detail driving situation of the driver.

12. We are the passenger transportation company, if we installed the MR688 on our bus, the sounds alarming will affect our passengers. Is it any way to solve this problem?

Yes, we can solve the problem. For our MR688 professional version, it has a vibration cushion for optional. You can buy our vibration cushion to connect with the MR688 and turn off the MR688 sounds alarming. When the driver fatigue, the MR688 will not send out the sounds to affect the passengers, but it will shake to wake up the driver. Then we also can realize the function to avoid the accident.

13. Can it be used on the heavy machine, like the mining truck?

Yes, our MR688 can be used on the mining truck. The MR688 already installed on many big mining company truck, like the AngloAmerican, MMG and BHP Ect. We have professional experience in this area.

14. If we want to use our brand, is it ok?

Yes, we can accept the logo OEM, but the cost will be higher.

15. Can you do some customization on the product function?

Yes, we can customize according to the customer’s requirement. But the cost will be different.