We offer integrated solutions that combine innovative products and technical services for your marine operation needs. Our success is built on the many ways our people have worked in partnership with engine manufactures and customers to solve problems and deliver value.

  • CareDrive Driver Fatigue Monitoring System MR688

    Driver Fatigue Monitor MR688

    CareDrive Driver Fatigue Monitor MR688 is a vehicle safety system that can accurately detect driver drowsiness or distraction and warn of an impending hazard to keep driver alert at the wheel. Whether you are a fleet manager or individual driver, it's your best choice for driving safety solution.

  • CareDrive Advanced Driving Assistance System AWJ201

    Anti Fatigue & Anti Collision with Fleet Management System MR800

    CareDrive Anti Collision & Anti Fatigue with Fleet Management System MR800 is equipped with a new and upgraded core algorithm for image processing. Through more intelligent methods, it can achieve more accurate judgment and early warning, and prevent accidents from the source.

  • CareDrive Forklift Proximity Warning System DAX202

    Forklift Proximity Warning System DAX202

    CareDrive forklift proximity warning and pedestrian detection system DAX202 uses the latest technology to significantly reduce the risk of collision between moving vehicles and pedestrians in the workplace ...

  • CareDrive passenger flow statistics system FSQ201

    Bus Passenger Statistics System FSQ201

    CareDrive passenger flow statistics system FSQ201 is based on machine vision technology and uses non-contact method to calculate the passenger flow of the bus. The system consists of two modules: the camera and the host ...

  • CareDrive Mobile Digital Video Recorder MDVR

    Mobile Digital Video Recorder

    Mobile DVR (with 3G, GPS, Wifi) operated with CMS (central monitoring software) is used to realize fleet management online and achieve a full range of vehicles and drivers monitoring functions ...

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