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93-year-old man suspected of fatigue driving a Mercedes-Benz into the subway station

At about 5 o'clock in the afternoon of February 17, an exaggerated car crash occurred at the Yan'an subway station in Taipei, Taiwan, China.

The driver was fatigued and the car knocked down the guardrail

Recently, in the west section of Sunshine Avenue in Yubei, Yongjia County, Wenzhou, a BMW sedan suddenly lost control and slammed into the guardrail in the middle of the road.

The driver was driving hard and the car rushed into the pool

With the end of the Spring Festival holiday, the return passenger flow reached its peak. Yesterday morning, the squadron of the Dantu traffic police brigade received a warning: a car in the area was driven into the pond!

Going home for the Spring Festival, couples fatigue driving and turning over

Yangzi Evening News Network January 25 (Reporter Mei Jianming correspondent Jiang Gongxuan) In the early morning of January 23, a traffic accident occurred on the road of the Xiangjiang Lake Road in Jiangning, Nanjing, 104 National Highway.

A van in Jinan chased a large truck may be caused by fatigue driving

At 6 o'clock in the morning of January 16, an accident occurred at the first signal light west of the junction of Jinluo Road and Erhuan North Road in Jinan.

A driver drove the car into the drain due to fatigue on the highway

Recently, when the Zibo high-speed traffic police patrolled to the K75 km of the Zibo section of the S29 Binlai Expressway, it was found that a small car leaned sideways on the side of the expressway.

A driver’s fatigue driving caused the car to slide off the cliff

Recently, the command center received an alarm from the masses. In the Huayan united "414" mine section, some people drove down the mountain, and the injury was very serious.

A bus in Zhengzhou hit an elevated frame and injured 13 passengers

The official Weibo of the five battalions of the Zhengzhou Traffic Patrol Police issued a police report that a traffic accident occurred at a traffic intersection in Zhengzhou City this morning.

Qingdao Shenhai Expressway rear-end accident caused 7 cars to be destroyed

On December 19, two car rear-end accidents occurred in Shenhai Expressway (Shenyang-Haikou) in Qingdao, Shandong Province. There were vehicles on the scene that caused a fire.

Zimbabwe minibus collided and killed several people

On December 16, local time, a traffic accident occurred near Harare, the capital of Zimbabwe, killed at least 11 people and injuring many others.

Due to driver fatigue driving, van truck rear-ended a truck

Fatigue driving can easily lead to traffic accidents. At about 4 o'clock in the morning of July 22, a large van driver near the G15 Shenhai Express Dafeng service area was driving in front of the truck in front of him.

The driver’s fatigue driving caused the car to hit the tunnel wall

Summer is a high season for fatigue driving traffic safety accidents. At about 22:40 on July 18, G60N Hang Xinjing Expressway, an E-branded car at the Xishan Tunnel entrance in Hangzhou, crashed into the tunnel wall after hitting several collision buc

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